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Are you someone who loves makeup but is still afraid to do your own? Are you an artist trying to elevate your skills by learning new ways to use different products and techniques? Are you that person who needs to learn how to do your makeup quickly for that zoom call? Let me give you the good news: I can help you!

I offer a variety of classes that will provide you with the skills you need to feel more confident and empowered in your everyday life.

Each class is tailored to your specific needs and it could cover everything from basic skin care and foundation application to eye makeup, contouring, special occasion looks, and how to create the perfect look to be photographed. You will also learn the best tips and tricks on how to keep that makeup looking fresh throughout the day and evening. I'll also provide helpful advice on how to bring out your best features and teach you how to choose colors that will enhance your natural beauty. 

SELF MAKEUP CLASS | Individual & Group Classes

A self makeup class for beginners is designed to teach you the basics of applying makeup. It covers topics such as choosing the right foundation, learning how to apply eyeshadow, and understanding the importance of using different brushes. The class also focuses on teaching proper makeup application techniques and tips on how to create unique looks. Additionally, the class covers basic information on color theory, skin care, and makeup trends. The goal is for students to gain the confidence and skills to apply makeup on themselves. Students will also have access to an array of foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and other essential makeup products that can help create the perfect look, as well as a variety of tools for contouring, highlighting, and blending so that they can get the most out of the class.



A VIP Professional Makeup Class is designed to take experienced makeup artists to the next level. We will be exploring advanced techniques such as contouring and highlighting, specialty makeup techniques, and more. You will learn how to use different products and tools to create stunning makeup looks with accuracy and precision. We will discuss the importance of skin care and ways to promote healthy skin. By the end of this class, you will have expanded your knowledge and will be confident in your ability to create stunning makeup looks.



Advanced level classes can provide you with the opportunity to learn more in-depth techniques and also techniques that are specific to certain areas of makeup, such as bridal makeup, special effects makeup, full glam makeup, body painting, among others. You can also explore different products and tools and find what works best for you. With this advanced class, you can gain the knowledge and skills to become a professional makeup artist. With the right training, you can find success in launching your own makeup business, working with high-end clientele, and creating stunning makeup looks for any occasion.



A makeup for photography class covers several important techniques. First, the artist should be familiar with the various types of makeup that work best for photoshoots, including different types of foundation, contouring, highlighting, and blush. In addition, the artist should understand how to use lighting and shadow as well as understanding the effects of light on makeup and the ability to adjust makeup to different lighting situations. This knowledge is essential to creating a look that stands out in all kinds of photos or videos.

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